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Permaculture & Organic Farmstay (near Khao Yai National Park) Thailand

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Permaculture & Organic Farmstay (near Khao Yai National Park) Thailand

We are a Permaculture farm in its infancy stages. In 2015, I found Permaculture and started working as Permaculturist. Since then, we have been integrating Permaculture methodology into our farm. In 2017, I’ve added a farm stay. So we will be similar to a guesthouse and hostel for people who want to practice and learn to farm. With some funding from the farm stay, we should be able to teach local kids in conversational English using English speaking volunteers. As of now, the farm stay units are done.

Next step is building a learning center for students to sit and learn.

You will see construction activities and many things on the farm are not in place. We produce Organic fruits and berries for our own consumption and the local markets. Our main products now are Mulberries, Gac fruits, and Limes. You will also find Papaya, Bananas, Lemon Grass, and more. Because our farm is still in the formation stage, any volunteers with Permaculture or farming experience would be wonderful. I also welcome those new to farming who would like to come and learn with me.

I have greenhouses, hammocks, a rooftop with a view, dogs, nature, Organic food, Chickens and fresh eggs and more.

I am starting to create value-added products to sell in stores like berry juice, preserves, etc. I also sell my produce wholesale such as Limes, Banana, and Papaya to a middleman.

Like most small farmers, I have a freelance job. So you will not see me do farming 100% of the time. I spend about half my time in Bangkok, either taking produces to the customers or farmer markets, or spend some time with my family. There are 2 live-in staffs who maintain and do all the heavy machinery on the farm. So you will not be left alone nor work alone.

Wed: Returning to farm. and reach the farm about noon
Th, Fri: Farm life
Sat: Leave for Bangkok in the morning
Sun-Tue: Bangkok life


There are many tasks throughout the farm. It will depend on when you come. I will be happy to send you what is being worked on at the time after you send a message. The help can be from seeding, planting, making new grow beds, making compost using the materials around the farm, compost juice/tea, propagating plants, or making value-added products. Sometimes help feed the Chicken and collect the eggs for our daily breakfast. Occasionally, we go out and sell stuff in the local market when there is a special event in town.

Being a new farm, construction is abundant! For handyman type of work, we may be doing stuff like replacing valves, irrigation hoses or putting in new ones, building fences, or clearing rocks from an area. Anything bigger than that, I will leave it to the contractor.

Daily chores are rotated among all volunteers. All the stuff that your mom tells you to do that you hate. I also like people who love to cook, since we would be able to enjoy varieties of cuisine every day.

I have a spare bedroom in the house which can sleep up to 6 people on 3 bunk beds. Setting up tents is possible in camping areas in the yard and on top of my house which is a scenic viewing roof. Most volunteers opt to set up tents outdoor. Please bring your own tent and sleeping gears if you have them.

Things that you need to bring
1. Personal toiletry
2. Laundry detergent
3. Warm cloth and foot gear (I have spare boots, but it never fit everyone) I often work in my flip-flop
4. Tents to sleep on the rooftop are nice if you have them, bring them.

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