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August 23, 2017 By Marisa Rando Buying travel insurance is smart!  Any avid globetrotter will tell you that travel is the most valuable thing you can purchase. Whether it’s personal growth, learning about another culture or just a desire to explore- travel is an investment in you. However, to truly make the most out of any excursion, you want to travel smart. Be Smart… Why Should I Buy Travel Insurance? Whether it’s you, your friends or your relatives, usually someone close to you is making you nervous about your upcoming trip out of the country

 began dreaming about my trip abroad and hostel work stay about a year before I stepped foot on the plane. You can bet I spent a lot of time thinking and planning–mostly about how a recent grad like myself with scarce savings could pull off an international experience. From studying abroad to living abroad I wanted to go back to Santiago, Chile. After studying abroad there, I knew I wanted to go back, but I wasn’t sure how to pull it off. With student loans just around the corner, I

The Traveler’s Guide  Photo by Larm Rmah So you’ve decided to travel with a purpose and volunteer abroad? Welcome to the community! Volunteering abroad in exchange for food and accommodation is a wonderful way to save money, learn new skills, help others and experience the local lifestyle. While these are all great ways to enrich your life, there are a few things you’ll need to watch out for. For example, some people use these programs as an opportunity to exploit for cheap labor. It happens to a lot of young travelers, and

Itching to hit the road? There may now be a scientific explanation for that desire. Studies over the years have proven a link between an excess of dopamine in the brain and a tendency to engage in impulsive and dangerous behaviors. This surplus dopamine has also been associated with a specific variant of the DRD4 gene, which codes for a single type of dopamine receptor called the 7R+ allele. While this genetic variation has previously been tied to issues like gambling and addiction, it can also explain a more benign

Because sometimes jumping on that big bird is not only the most convenient way to travel, it can be the cheapest too. Welcome to the world of budget European airlines. Air travel might not have been the first thing you expected to find in our guide to backpacking Europe, but sometimes it just makes so much sense. Whether it’s to cover a long distance, or to cross an otherwise difficult-to-ass geographic feature, like a sea or mountain range, air travel can be a wonderful addition to your menagerie of budget-Euro-travel

Ooh la la, c’est la France, the land of love and cheese that has long held the imagination of romantic travellers the world over. France is a land of almost unbearable beauty, of high alpine mountains, and the sun-soaked pebbles of the southern riviera, of big cities filled with art and culture and a vast countryside that produces some of the best produce in the world. It’s a land of lazy afternoons spent drinking wine on terraces, of naked beaches and an almost national approach to extramarital affairs.  For

he first thing that strikes the first-time visitor to Spain is just how little it is like anything you expected. Sure, there are beaches and flamenco dancers and so, but only in some parts! And in the other parts? Other things! Mountains and deserts, ghost towns and bustling metropoli, Spain is more a collection of cultures, languages and climates than a homogenous nation. It’s this diversity that keeps you coming back, with the limits on exploring defined only by how much time you have in the country. Also,

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