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We are a Franco-American couple who have embarked on an adventure in the beautiful south of France next to the Pyrenees mountains and Spain :) Message us about a volunteer stay with us. Chateau de Siradan needs to be completely cleaned out, reworked, polished and presented as the beauty she formerly was ! We're looking for people who want to be a part of this history. The chateau has been in the same family since the 1600's. It sits on 2 hectares just 20 minutes from the Spanish border

Ooh la la, c’est la France, the land of love and cheese that has long held the imagination of romantic travellers the world over. France is a land of almost unbearable beauty, of high alpine mountains, and the sun-soaked pebbles of the southern riviera, of big cities filled with art and culture and a vast countryside that produces some of the best produce in the world. It’s a land of lazy afternoons spent drinking wine on terraces, of naked beaches and an almost national approach to extramarital affairs.  For

The Working Holiday Club

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