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Calling Social, Happy & Helpful Volunteers - Help at a Naturist Guest House in Sunny Spain. I run a Naturist Guest house in Sunny Southern Spain and would love your help in keeping the property clean and tidy but especially in enhancing guests holidays making them feel welcome and special. This is a rural/countryside retreat and has over 70 acres of land covered with Lemon, Orange and Olive trees. Guests come here to relax without clothing and its expected that volunteers challenge themselves and enjoy getting that all-over tan

he first thing that strikes the first-time visitor to Spain is just how little it is like anything you expected. Sure, there are beaches and flamenco dancers and so, but only in some parts! And in the other parts? Other things! Mountains and deserts, ghost towns and bustling metropoli, Spain is more a collection of cultures, languages and climates than a homogenous nation. It’s this diversity that keeps you coming back, with the limits on exploring defined only by how much time you have in the country. Also,

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