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Backcountry skiing on Mount Begbie near Revelstoke (Garrett Grove photo) British Columbia has the most important elements for fantastic backcountry skiing: big snowfalls and huge mountains. Expect diverse terrain filled with untouched powder, glades, glaciers and incredible scenery. Cozy backcountry lodges and alpine huts allow for multi-day ski touring, and backcountry ski guides can safely assess the snowpack. What is Backcountry Skiing? Backcountry skiing in British Columbia typically means “earning your turns” by trekking up slopes with climbing skins or by bootpacking. The reward? Skiing down through untracked snow, usually in remote

We are a travel agency which organises around 50 small group tours around all Asian countries in a year. We need a filmmaker to join our groups with his\her own equipment. We would like to film high quality video in order to make short AD movies about our trips. You can choose almost any trip from our website, and join for free (there are few exceptions). We provide: accommodation, all local flights (except your arrival and departure), all land and\or sea transport inside during the trips, and everything else

 began dreaming about my trip abroad and hostel work stay about a year before I stepped foot on the plane. You can bet I spent a lot of time thinking and planning–mostly about how a recent grad like myself with scarce savings could pull off an international experience. From studying abroad to living abroad I wanted to go back to Santiago, Chile. After studying abroad there, I knew I wanted to go back, but I wasn’t sure how to pull it off. With student loans just around the corner, I

The Traveler’s Guide  Photo by Larm Rmah So you’ve decided to travel with a purpose and volunteer abroad? Welcome to the community! Volunteering abroad in exchange for food and accommodation is a wonderful way to save money, learn new skills, help others and experience the local lifestyle. While these are all great ways to enrich your life, there are a few things you’ll need to watch out for. For example, some people use these programs as an opportunity to exploit for cheap labor. It happens to a lot of young travelers, and

The Traveller’s Guide 1. Once you’ve selected your host and location, establish a trial period! Many hosts require a minimum of a few weeks for a volunteering abroad stay, but I would suggest not to promise more than 3 weeks as a trial period to make sure you and you host get on well. If you want to stay longer, you can tell your host that, if everything works well for both of you, you’re willing to stay. In my opinion, a trial should sound like a good idea to any reasonable host. Trial

The thing I love most about Amsterdam… is that it doesn’t feel like a capital city. The central area is very compact, and I love that I can jump on my bike and be on the other side of the city in under 30 minutes. It’s a really laid-back place to live and the central areas aren’t congested with traffic as most people travel by bike. When I have friends in town… I like to take them to a bruin café (brown cafe) like 't Arendsnest. These traditional bars, complete with dark wood furniture,

Itching to hit the road? There may now be a scientific explanation for that desire. Studies over the years have proven a link between an excess of dopamine in the brain and a tendency to engage in impulsive and dangerous behaviors. This surplus dopamine has also been associated with a specific variant of the DRD4 gene, which codes for a single type of dopamine receptor called the 7R+ allele. While this genetic variation has previously been tied to issues like gambling and addiction, it can also explain a more benign

Tourists are drawn to Rio de Janeiro for its sunny weather, beaches, music, animated people and its famous Carnival. Unfortunately, most backpackers quickly realize that just because it’s in South America doesn’t mean it’s inexpensive. The cheapest hostels cost 30-40 Reais (2R to $1) for a dorm room and transportation costs add up fast, even if you use the buses. The prices are only rising with the upcoming World Cup and Olympics, nevertheless if you are a little adventurous, you can experience Rio without spending too much. The top

WHAT YOU’LL FIND IN THIS DUBLIN TRAVEL GUIDE: How Much To Budget To Visit Dublin How Long To Visit Dublin The Good And Not-So-Good Things About Dublin Dublin’s Must-See Sights and Attractions Cheap Eats and Drinks Best Dublin Hostels Dublin Nightlife More Resources To Help You Plan Your Visit On A Budget Public Transportation And More HOW MUCH TO BUDGET TO VISIT DUBLIN                           Dublin has a reputation for being an expensive city — and it certainly can be if you’re not careful. Food and drink are going to be two budget killers. Luckily, attractions aren’t too expensive and

A BACKPACKER’S GUIDE TO BARCELONA All who visit Barcelona will fall in love with the city for life, and half of them were probably robbed while here. The Catalan capital, sparkling on the shores of the Mediterranean, is Spain’s second largest city (until the separatists get their way), a hub of art and culture, of fine dining and €1 street beers, a place to get robbed on the beach, or pickpocketed in the streets, to wander the maze that is the city centre, the watch the sunset from a

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