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Free volunteering

Free volunteering: How to volunteer around the world without paying ridiculous agency fees

So you want to volunteer abroad? Good on you! We love that you are looking to give back. But you’ve gone online and you’ve seen some organisations CHARGE expensive agency fees for your kindness. How crazy is that? You know us by now, and you know what Workawaystand for, (if you’re new, we are a website that connects volunteers and hosts from all around the globe and allows them to come together; volunteer help for a few hours a day and hosts exchange that for accommodation and food. Simple.) so we’re not here to ramble on about that, what we are here to do is show you how you can volunteer around the world without paying a cent:
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1. Have a little look on Workaway

Get to know our site and what we do, have a look at other Workaway profiles to get an idea of their experiences and read our blog which has hundreds of helpful articles from volunteers’ stories, to tips advice and some of the best Workaway destinations in the world. Don’t get too caught up in reading though. You have some important steps to take before you can start volunteering the world for free.
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2. Sign up

Like what you see? Awesome! Let’s get you signed up. A membership to Workaway costs $29USD a year. Here’s what you get for that:

3. Contact 1000s of hosts in over 150 countries

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  • Create a unique profile telling hosts all about your skills and enthusiasm for helping
  • Upload photos in your profile showing yourself and your skills
  • Upload your own short video to show on your profile page
  • Joint your account with a friend’s to visit hosts and apply together. Whenever wherever
  • Create your own personalized host list to save all your favourite hosts
  • Find hosts on a map in your area or the area you are planning on travelling to
  • Use your smart phone and login to the mobile site to make changes or apply on the move
  • Add yourself to our last minute Workawayer list so hosts can contact you for immediate volunteering opportunities
  • Get and give feedback to and from hosts to build up your Workaway profile
  • Contact other members to ask about their stay with hosts
  • Link your travel blog to ours to share your interesting Workaway journey with our readers
  • Get to know like-minded travellers on the road with our “Meet Other Workawayers” function
  • Enter our monthly Travel Photo Competition and win money to extend your travels
  • Help the Workaway Foundation Project and watch the projects grow (For more info see the Workaway Foundation page)
  • Be a member of our unique travelling community and exchange amazing stories and ideas!

4. Create your profile

This is your most important step. A bad or incomplete profile won’t be interesting to hosts and you may struggle to get any replies. Take time and effort when filling it out. Try and show your personality and experience and include lots of photos showing how fun you can be. Hosts also respect honesty. Only available for one week? Say that. Don’t want to do work with kids and animals? Just say. We believe there is a host out there for everyone.

5. Contact hosts

Ok, now you are ready to start contacting the hosts you are interested in. Use our filter function to find your perfect projects. From then, email each host individually. DO NOT copy and paste, it’s so obvious and won’t do you any favours. We recommend you email a few and make sure you always put the dates you are available. Wait up to 10- 14 days for a reply and if you don’t get one, give them a gentle nudge by emailing again to see if they received your first one. Do keep in mind our hosts are busy people and may be in an area with bad wifi.
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6. Go prepare

You’ve scored your first free volunteer project? Go you! Your journey has begun. Here’s a few tips to think about before you go to make your trip as good as possible:

  • Talk to the host and ask if there is anything in particular you need to bring
  • Get travel insurance
  • Get a sim card for that country
  • Check for visa/vaccinations
  • Buy some small gifts from your hometown to give to your host to introduce them to your culture

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You are now well on your way to volunteering around the world for free. We think you deserve this; you’ve already done something many haven’t done before by offering your time to others in need. You guys rock! Don’t forget to tell us all about your experiences! ?

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