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Work As A Housekeeping Assistant in Herefordshire

Employer Type: Activity Resort
Pay: National Min wage applies from February 2019
Benefits: Free accommodation & Food
Housing: Free accommodation twin shared
Hours: 40 hours per week
Job Offers: Pre-departure
Location: Herefordshire
Country: United Kingdom
Housekeeping Assistants at the resort provide relief to our guest’s room and reset placements before new groups arrive. With a core focus on cleanliness, our housekeeping assistants are a vital asset to our Herefordshire centre.
Who does this: Lindsey Fletton, Chateau Du Tertre: I gain a lot of satisfaction from seeing that both guests and staff are staying in clean, comfortable rooms that meet with and often exceed their expectations.

I enjoy hospitality roles and this was an ideal opportunity to live and work abroad, and experience and learn more about French culture and language.

It is different from my previous job roles as all the staff live together, but I feel that it enables us to get to know each other more and work more closely and efficiently as a team.

I would like to gain more experience in the hospitality sector and possibly continue at the resort in a position with even more responsibility and challenges.


The Working Holiday Club

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