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Jumpstart: School Leaver Programe

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Jumpstart: School Leaver Programe

+ What Is A School Leaver Programme?
It’s the method used by school leavers on an overseas working holiday.  Suitable jobs and staff housing are secured pre-departure as stepping stone. Employment and level of experience required are matched to school leavers and students with less than 12 months relevant work experience.


You get

  • Straight Into The World Of Work
  • Stright Into Community
  • Straight Into Affordable Safe Housing
  • On The Job Experience
  • In-House Training
  • Building Up New Skills
  • Security Of Work Gauarteeed
  • work progression oppernitees until visa expiry date

+ What type of jobs do we offer on our school leaver program 

As a program participant you are eligible to apply for one on of our roles, however, once we have completed an assessment and interviews, the employers do have the final on the roles you qualify for. That’s said, as you learn more skills by working in various roles, participating in skills sharing volunteering projects, our preferred jobs will much more possible

We have over 2000 entry-level positions in the industry sectors listed

  • Adventure
  • Construction
  • Customer Service
  • Events
  • Hospitality
  • Warehouse
  • Housekeeping
  • Crewing
  • Admin
  • Reception
  • Bar Staff
  • Waiting

Being able to bulk up your CV with these small, part-time jobs or temp work is a real benefit. If you manage to work on a couple of contracts with respected companies, you’ll find it immediately makes your CV more impressive and could mean the difference between ending up on the Yes or No pile.

+ Accommodation support included in the school leaver program 

As a program participant, you will have access to any one of the accommodation types listed. After your interviews and assessments, your gap year counsellor will suggest the best option for you.  This does not, however, mean, you have to remain for the duration of our working holiday. Your support team will assist you in relocating, and should you decide to change job, the appropriate accommodation support will be provided as well.

  • Free onsite staff housing with adventure jobs
  • Free on-site staff housing for bar and housekeeper in London
  • Shared communal housing for events  and crewing staff located in Zones 2-4 London
  • Catered shared united in zone 1 which includes meals, wifi. gyms and onsite support team 24/7

+ What positions are offered pre-departure 

  • Restaurants – you could be waiting on tables or working behind the scenes in the kitchen.
  • Pubs – from pulling pints to running the cellar.
  • Hotels – front of house or housekeeping.
  • Cafes & Diners – preparing and serving food.
  • Conference Suites – looking after attendees at important meetings.
  • Caterers – you could be preparing and delivering food for weddings and other special occasions.
  • Country Clubs – a whole range of catering and hospitality jobs are carried out at country clubs.
  • Other establishments that have their own catering facilities
  • Events Crew – you will help rig stages for live events

+ Guarantees And Assurances 

  • All hours and contracts are agreed predeparture
  • Self-rostering shifts give you control over your income
  • London walk-in office provides 24 months support


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