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Leaving the UK: Get Your Tax Refund

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Leaving the UK: Get Your Tax Refund

Why would I be due to any tax back?


Whether you are a taxpaying foreign national or UK citizen, there are three main reasons why you could be due a tax refund from the UK tax office.

  • You maintain ownership of UK property after you leave and rent it out whilst you are living abroad.
  • You have not claimed for any work-related expenses within your entitlement.
  • You have not used all of your tax-free personal allowances in the year you leave the UK.

How much could I get?

The amount you could be entitled to be worked out on a case-by-case basis because it depends on a combination of; your earnings, how much tax you have paid and which month you leave Britain.

It is worth knowing that any claim can be backdated by four years and that you do not have to be living in Britain to make the claim.

What do I need to show HMRC?

If you are leaving the UK permanently and you are not sure if you are returning or if you know you are going to be working abroad for at least one full tax year, then you need to submit a P85 to HMRC.

This should be accompanied by either a P45 or P60 certificate for the tax year in which you are leaving.

How long does a claim take?

Usually between 6-12 weeks but this can vary depending on HMRC timescales and if further information needs to be provided.

If you have already left don’t worry you can still claim as long as you have left the UK within the last four tax years.



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