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Live in Carer Jobs – London

Programs we offer a guaranteed job pre-departure;


Job Details:
  • Start Dates: All year round
  • Meals: All food is free when working
  • Salary: Earn from £560* up to £665 per seven days worked
  • Accommodation: All accommodation is free when working
  • Uniforms: Are provided if required
  • Work week explained: Two weeks on, two weeks off – travel as often as you like
  • Training: Free, comprehensive, specialist training program
  • The variety within the PA’s role is what many people enjoy – the challenge of adapting to new environments, understanding varying needs and the consideration of the individual’s working and social life requirements
  • Often, with no previous work experience, the one thing all of our PAs have in common is this… a positive attitude


The Working Holiday Club™ PAs live with the client for one-to-two weeks at a time, helping them with every day activities such as getting in and out of bed, washing and toileting, shopping and cooking, driving, and don’t forget those nights out on the town! Trust, friendship, respect, understanding and compatibility are critical to the relationship between live-in carer and client and can be mutually rewarding, with many PAs remaining in close contact once they return home or progress their career.

Although all care-work assignments are different, there are some common activities which may offer more insight into the role of a TWHC PA.

Client personal care:

  • Assistance with washing, bathing, changing, dressing
  • Helping in and out of bed, wheelchair
  • Full toileting, bowel and bladder routine
  • Assistance with personal grooming, hair care, nails, feet, eyes, etc.
  • General domestic duties
  • Laundry, washing and ironing
  • Shopping
  • Cooking and serving meals
  • Light housework such as dusting, vacuuming
  • Simple maintenance of wheelchair and other equipment
  • Extramural activities (this is when the client’s individual lifestyle most influences the role you play)
  • Some clients work full-time, others are studying, some have active involvement with disabled sports or a busy social life with family and friends
  • Of course, some opt for a quieter, home-based way of life with interests in computers, painting, music or even the stock market

Help with everyday activities such as:

  • Making drinks
  • Assistance with correspondence
  • Paying the inevitable bills
  • Moving things in the home
  • Driving
  • Assistance in and out of the car/van
  • Daily and holiday escort assistance
  • Care of pets

The Working Holiday Club


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