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Shared houses zones 2-3

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Shared houses zones 2-3


You will have the option of staying in a single, twin shared, or double room. Our houses are in zones 2,3 and 4 of east, west, and south-west london and are about 25-35 minutes commute from central london.

Weekly rentals start from:
  • £85 – £100 per week all bills included (shared room) * great for friends, solo travellers and budget-conscious travellers
  • £100 – £120 per week all bills included (single room)
  • £160 per week all bills included (double) * great for couples
  • £200 deposit required to secure your spot pre-departure
Top reasons why this is good
  • Travel rent free
  • Travel as often as you like
  • Cheap rent by sharing
  • No huge upfront costs
  • Meet great people
  • No long-term leases or lock it contracts
  • Not liable to covering rent of other rooms if house mates move out
  • No obligation to stay or pay rent if you move somewhere else or find another house to live in



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