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Volunteers for the Summer (Brazil)

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Volunteers for the Summer (Brazil)

Wilson hosted Manager
Join us as a volunteer at our Hostel and experience a fantastic atmosphere. Our Hostel has a beach house style and all guests feel welcome.
  1. Languages spoke: Portuguese, English, Spanish
  2. Response rate: 75%
  3. Response time within 1-3 days

The schedules are determined by shifts of 5 hours 5 days per week. We offer bed in a volunteer shared 4 people unisex room and breakfast and lunch for our crew. All work have procedures with easily comprehension and very good working environment. We conduct all training based on our quality manual, we have ongoing meetings with staff always striving for continuous improvement.

It is forbidden for the volunteer to make use of any prohibited chemical substance or to drink alcoholic drinks during the work shift. The volunteer need to appear decently for the work, shirt, pants and tennis. The volunteer must have a good behavior with the rest of the team because which directly influences the atmosphere of the Hostel.

The schedules and activities are there to be fulfilled, each action of good conduct bring a improvement on the team strengthens.


Enquire now for more info:

AUSTRALIA 1300 295 579
NEW ZEALAND 09 973 5913

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